My journey as a photographer started when I was a student taking painting classes. One of my instructors encouraged me to enter a few pieces in a contest and he set me up a camera and a tripod for making slides for submission. I enjoyed the experience of taking pictures so much, I went out and bought my own set up the same week. Still new to photography, I made a lot of mistakes. In my film days you had to wait for the films to be processed to see how the images turned out. I still paint and do other kinds of art, but I really enjoy the challenges that photography brings. I love finding the magic in scenesas they are in the moment and capturing them in my camera.

I have been living in the Pacific Northwest now for thirteen years. The beauty of this area is inspiring and I feel grateful to be here surrounded by family and friends. Please join me on my creative journey.

Shawn Pagels

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      1. I think your paintings are lovely. They’re oniric, nature and forest themes seem to be your main inspiration. I think what you can’t photograph you paint. Very interesting.

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