Wide and Exposed

SanJuan BeaconWeb

With all the latest and greatest camera gizmos and technology being waved under our noses, it’s easy to be lead astray from the basics in photography that make great pictures great. Good technique and smart planning are far more valuable than keeping up with the hot new cameras. In this photo, I used my trusty Nikon d7000, an old tripod and some inexpensive nd filters and polarizer to achieve this moody shot at San Juan Island, Wa. The exposure was 1.4, and I had my aperture down at about 19.

With the benefit of digital, I was able to check to make sure the subject was in acceptable focus so that I could also keep the foreground in focus. As a landscape photographer I had to come to terms with the need for a wide angle lens. After researching my options, I found a Tokina 11-16, F2.8. This lens is amazing, which I will cover in another blog. Sharp and fast. Have never had a bad shot with this one! Thanks for reading my first photography blog! -Shawn Pagels




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